*A history with no company name is the history of "Madras Inc."

1921 "Asia Shoe Mfg. Co., Ltd." (Asia Seika Kabushiki Kaisha) established. Asia Shoe imported the Goodyear-welt process shoe manufacturing machine from the United States and started the production.
1922 A branch office opened in Tokyo.
1937 The latest shoe manufacturing machines were imported from Germany and England. Conveyor system was adopted. Mckay shoes started to be produced.
1947 "Asia Co., Ltd."(Kabushiki Kaisha Asia) established in 3-15-34 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya.
1951 A branch office opened in Osaka.
1952 Asia Shoe won the first prize at Japan Shoemaking Competition.
1958 Asia Shoe approved as a JIS Mark Certified Factory by Japanese Industrial Standards Committee.
1963 "Asia Sales Co., Ltd" (Asia Hanbai Kabushiki Kaisha) established.
1965 Technical cooperation agreement with the world prestigious Italian shoe manufacturer, Calzaturificio Madras s.p.a., Italy concluded.
1970 Asia Shoe signed contract to import shoes from China at the Chinese Export Commodities fair in Guangzhou, China.
Asia Shoe commended for its contribution to the growth of exports by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
1978 "Asia Sales Co., Ltd" changed name to "Lady Madras Inc." (Lady Madras Kabushiki Kaisha).
1981 "Sports Madras Inc." established.
1983 "Asia Shoe Mfg. Co., Ltd." changed name to "Madras Inc." (Madras Kabushiki Kaisha).
1984 "Madras Fashion Inc." established.
1991 Sponsorship with Brabham F1 team.
1994 "The trademark right for "madras" worldwide transferred from Valentino, Italy to Madras Inc.
1997 "Madras International Inc.," specialized in the sale of department stores established.
"Madras Corporation," specialized in the sale of wholesales established.
"Hokkaido Madras," specialized in the sale of northern Japan established.
1998 The license agreement with U.P renoma, France, concluded.
2000 Madras new factory started production in Oguchi.
Headquarter moved to Sakae, Nagoya.
2008 "Hokkaido Madras" merged with "Madras Corporation."
"Asia Sales Co., Ltd" merged with "Madras Fashion Inc."
2011 "Madras Corporation.," "Madras International Inc.," "Sports Madras Inc.," merged with "Madras Inc."
Madras celebrated the 90th Anniversary.
"Think! Omotesando" opened in Omotesando, Tokyo.
"madras GINZA" opened in Ginza, Tokyo.
"JADE," the first real sneaker brand for Madras Inc., launched.
2012 "madras Lady's Selection" opened in Sakae, Nagoya.
2013 "JADE Harajuku" opened in Harajuku, Tokyo
"Madras Inc." took over business of "Crown Shoes Co., Ltd."
2014 The sales organization changed to "Madras Inc.," "Lady Madras Inc.," and "Madras Fashion Inc."
"madras" and "MODELLO" showroom opened in Tokyo office.
2015 "madras" (men's shop) opened in Sakae, Nagoya
"madras" opened in "ZOZOTOWN," mail order website.
2016 "madras" opened in Dai Nagoya Building.
2017 "madras Nagashima" opened at MITSUI OUTLET PARK JAZZ DREAM NAGASHIMA, Mie.
"JADE SHIBUYA 109 MEN'S" opened in Shibuya, Tokyo.
The first overseas "madras shop" opened in Hong Kong.
"MODELLO by madras Nagareyama Otakanomori S.C" opened in Nagareyama, Chiba.
2018 "madras MEN'S SELECTION" opened in Kitasenju Marui.
"madras MEN'S SELECTION" opened in Marui Mizonokuchi.
Started sales of madras men's shoes at SIAM Takashimaya in Thailand.

Origin of Brand Name

"madras" started since an Italian shoe maker, Valentino Piccolotto, founded the company alone in 1946. His company grew with his effort, and became one of the famous shoes factories in Italy. In an early stage he produced handmade moccasins with high-grade kid. The leather was tanned in Italy, but the raw material came from Madras district in India. Therefore he named his company after Madras district with his respect and appreciation to the district producing high quality leather.

Origin of Symbol

The design of symbol with a winged lion comes from the famous emblem of the city of Venice. We added the globe to the winged lion with our hope to spread our brand "madras" and shoes to all over the world.

There is a marble statue of the winged lion on the tower at a square in Bassano del Grappa close to where the first factory was built in 1946. It proves that the ancient Venetian had the most powerful force back in the old days.

Company Profile

Company Name Madras Inc.
Representative Tatsushichi Iwata, President
Established May 18th, 1921
Capital 50 million yen (as of Feb 23st, 2011)
Headquarter 2-15-6, Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0008 Japan
Employees 310 (600 including group companies)
Business Manufacture and wholesale of leather footwear


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